LIVING WELL TOGETHER is everyone's wish to live a harmonious and respectful cohabitation.

Your daily life is not regulated in the same way, but this does not prevent you from paying attention to the other person with simple everyday gestures such as saying "Hello", "thank you" and exchanging on a daily basis. Your cohabitation will then be built on a good foundation.


Some points to suggest you:

1) Respect the terms of the contract between you and your host, thus no unforeseen events.


2) Dialogue as soon as a problem arises.


3) Respecting the property of others requires the maintenance of common areas on a daily basis. For example, tidy up after eating, clean the table and do the dishes if necessary.

ATTENTION: the student does not replace a household help and is not accommodated to do the cleaning.

4) Respect everyone's privacy. This seems obvious but it can be recalled, for the student not to go through the affairs of the host. For the host, do not go into the student's room without his/her agreement.

For both, knock before entering each other's room.


5) It is up to you to decide together if the student can invite one or more people to your home and the frequency.

This can be written into the contract from the beginning.